Gladhemstorp, previously 8 beds, has been changed to permanent rental.

The piglet breeding has ceased and the last pig has been sold Feb 2020. Solar cells have been installed on the workshop roof to give the yard electricity and surplus sales.

Welcome to Gladhem

Gladhem is situated in the peaceful area of Vikbolandet. Vikbolandet is the region between the bays, Bråviken and Slätbaken. Vikbolandet is part of the municipality of Norrköping.

Gladhem is named after a happy, open place or where the sun can be set down. The farm has a beautiful scenery and the residences is located high with great views. The forest on one side creates peace and quiet. The farm operates Agriculture, Forestry and piglet rearing with 155 sows. The land is held open by the sheep. Four colonies stands for honey production and honey can be purchased directly at the farm.

Welcome wishes by the family Carlsson!