The farm's production lines are piglet production, crop production and forestry, and two self-catering cottages for tourism.

The pigs: Pigs go indoors and are divided into sections depending on age. Pregnant sows are separate when they give birth to piglets.

Plant production: We grow mainly wheat, triticale and barley for our pigs. W also grow flax and oilseed crops.

Forestry: We are engaged in conventional forestry with a green forest management plan. This means that consideration is given to increase biodiversity, ex. leaving dead trees and save the old heritage trees. We do this to save diversity in our forests for birds, insects and herbs.

Other animals: sheep graze around the houses give birth in May / April. Bees stands for production of honey, which are for sale on the farm. The farm have also a couple of cats.

Trivia: There is also a villa built in 1981, let to permanent residents.